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What's new

The 2017 cria are starting to arrive. After 11+ months it's always exciting to meet the newcomers!


DSC_0062.jpgWelcome to Thistledown

We are breeders of fine black and coloured suri alpaca and have been breeding  since 2002. We are passionate about suri fleece and have based our breeding programme on selecting for lustre, uniformity of micron, density and luxurious handle in our black and coloured herd. We are at the forefront of suri fibre processing in Australasia and continue to be involved in R&D post the completetion of the Sustainable Farming Fund (Rumplestilskin) commercial processing project.

We have a fully registered and DNA recorded herd.

Thistledown is located on Banks Peninsula on the South Island of New Zealand. Visitors are very welcome. 

Champion Black Suri AANZ National Show                   2011  2012  2013  2014  2015 2016 2017


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