Surissimo 100% suri fine micron worsted fabric was the first to be made in the world.

The initial research conducted at AgResearch Lincoln, New Zealand proved this rare fibre has enormous potential to be used in a wide range of products. 

The trial at AgResearch was very thorough and conducted by an experienced team well respected in New Zeland and internationally. The full report clearly established the potential of this very unique natural fibre. In addition, the trial showed that the ability of this fibre to be produced using low chemical input and sustainable practices further enhancing the potential of this new fabric. To quote one of the technicians who has worked with a wide variety of fibres over a 40 year career was telling, "you could blow cashmere out of the water with this product". This is consistent with the feedback we have had from all quarters of our research.

Extensive evaluation was carried out through the trial at AgRsearch at each project milestone.  We know that fine micron suri, once thought to be unprocessable, is highly processable. This high-performing fibre resulted in quality finished fabric samples with enormous potential- from soft pashimina weave to luxury suiting fabric. The sample fabric was made into garments shown at NZ Fashion Week with no issues arising during garment manufacture.

The garments were designed by well known NZ designer Laurie Foon from Starfish for the opening of Fashion Week 2010. It was the first 'Eco' Fashion Week show and Starfish led the event.