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The Rumplestiltskin Project is funded through the Sustainable Farming Fund, a Ministry of Primary Industries government grant. The aim of the project is to see if 100% fine suri fibre can be manaufactured commercially in New Zealand from New Zealand and Australian grown fibre.

This project is the first of its kind as currently fine micron worsted suri fabric is manufactured nowhere in the world. The first 100% fine micron suri fabric was produced under research conditions at AgResearch NZ for our group in 2010. Unlike other rare fibres used for high-end products such as cashmere and vicuna, fine suri does not require dehairing. It is a unique natural fibre and can be differentiated from other natural fibres by its scale construction leading to extreme natural lustre and drape. These qualities, highly desirable in luxury apparel fabrics are achieved without any chemical enhancement. It has high abrasive tensile strength and wickability. The techniques used in finishing the fabric are key to the luxury end product produced.

Suri is a natural fibre with unique qualities and this is recognised internationally by leading apparel designers and fabric manufacturers. Peru specialises in broad micron suri fibre required for the rigours of outer wear production and is used by leading Italian labels such as PRADA. Even at a broad micron, suri are a rare animal making up only 4-5% of the world alpaca population. Its rarity is a highly desirable quality at this end of the market. 

Real sustainability - through our research fine micron suri has proven to be highly suitable for sustainable production from the farm right through to the manufacture of a high quality end product. This provides for unique branding and marketing opportunities where the story can be one of complete eco-production.